2 Tier Deep Set With 3 Niches

Published on: 14-May 09:24pm

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 14-May 09:24pm

Q: Question right now all of my marketing revolves around personal injury whereas the clients are chiropractors are interested car accident patients and of course lawyers who are interested in the same. I do realize I probably should get two sets of 6 deep for best practices. However, it seems I could get 1 and brand it Personal Injury review and then add personal Injury (PI) content alternating from health to law. I do a Car Accident and Chiro and that translates to personal injury lawyers really well...Does that make sense?






A: Health and personal injury are a bit far apart to be the same niche.But, Car Accidents is a Personal Injury and can work for both Lawyers and Doctors of Chiropractic as well as medical doctors who specialize in PI.

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