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Published on: 14-May 12:44am

Q: Hi Guys -- I'm new to Amazon AWS and AZURE hosting. I found some YouTube videos on how to set them up (although I can't quite do the Azure one). Would it be possible to LINK me to the BEST instructional VIDEO for connecting to / uploading to / generally hosting ETC these sites on AWS / AZURE? Maybe you have done one already I haven't seen, or maybe you know of a good tutorial that would work in TF context? Thanks. Almost hosting my FIRST SITE!



(Though I'd finished yesterday then ran the dummy uploader and got an almost 2GB site!!! YIKES!!! So today I am re-doing to try and stay in the low 100's of MBs -- VERY SLOW upload speeds where I am in the world, anything above 100-200mbs and it will take days. No joke.


A: You would still host the sites on AWS etc. The VPS is a server with a high-speed connection, that you use to run your software and upload to AWS from - the VPS it's not a WebHost, but a remote desktop you use for your work.



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