Build Campaign From Scratch Error Procedure

Published on: 14-May 12:40am

Q: DUMMY UPLOADER NOT BUILDING SITE = I have been working my way through the 7 'How to build a TF campaign from Scratch' videos, but have hit a SNAG.


Interestingly, the trainer ALSO hit the SAME SNAG, then said he'd removed spaces from the Category list and it worked. During the video training, he'd never said spaces could not appear in the Cat list so I removed mine too -- but mine still doesn't work.


The trainer does say it can be difficult troubleshooting where the issue is. BUT doesn't provide ANY suggestions!!! This seems like another missing piece of the puzzle and it would be helpful if the trainer could go back to the training and list possible 'screw up points' -- instead of having to post here hoping the right person is reading!

Can anyone please make a suggestion as to where I should look to find out why the dummy uploader won't work? THANKS.A: Bryant is the trainer.


Make sure all input folders are correct to your machine, do not use what is in the demo. You will have to go through more folders than you think to find the template file. they are nested deep.

make sure output folder is empty

Check no spaces after tags. It should be tag1,tag2,tag3. or to troubleshoot remove all tags

Check no spaces after cats - again remove all to troubleshoot.

Check all shortcodes have closing brackets

Check spintax is formulated correctly - in all fields, not just body

If all else fails, remove things in a logical order until you find the culprit


Or save it, then delete all and start a fresh and add 1 box at a time with minimal info to get a feel for what you are building. You won't get it right on your first go :-)

Just use a dummy uploader constantly and see where you hang up...