Client Vs. Persona Explained

Published on: 14-May 09:17pm

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 14-May 09:17pm

Q: @Leon can you explain the pricing module.. the term client vs persona?


I'm getting the sense that for clients... It's all branded accounts one for each client, vs 1 client + 2 or 4 personas. Is that correct? Thanks


How much info do you need for each "Client"






A: You can set them up however you want. A persona is a fake individual that is set up to look real.


A branded account is just that, a brand. If you are just getting one ring your choice is branded or persona. A ring is not set up as a client ring. If you are ordering 3 or 5 ring sets then you will have one branded ring and 2 or 4 personas. 

You need nothing for a client.




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