Domain Name And Hosting

Published on: 14-May 12:25am

Q: "All of these sites have exactly named custom domains."

In a format of or you"re buying & "hosting" these Google Sites on the .com domains?





A: All these rented sites and information sites have a purchased custom domain name. 

This naming protocol is actually a big deal. 

The rented and informational sites are actually the end of a network of sites, being google or cloud platforms, also there are the numerous google sites that reside between the YouTube videos, the video channels themselves, PDF naming and image naming. Naming all these so that they are congruent is as they say “ some serious shit.”

But more of that later.  If any of you think this is just put up a few google sites and get them ranking ( just see how difficult that is sometimes) then I’m afraid you are in for a huge shock.  This is a well thought out business model that once complete requires virtually no maintenance.



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