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Published on: 14-May 02:46am

Q: hi currently running a large traffic campaign, both images and h2 are always the same all the way down,


h2 is just {kwp.txt}


and images is


{imagefolder=images alt={kwp.txt}}


whats is the HTML input so these are always random?


sussed the h2, {randomline=kwp.txt}  that"s working but all the combos I"m testing for the image random I can"t seem to get to work?


Is the randomization of the image an option in the traffic factory? id even settle for randomization of image size.









A: The index (image number in the file) is the same for everything unless you specify random. KWP, number 1, image number 1, etc.


try {randomline=[images]} with [ ] not { }



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