Published on: 14-May 09:41pm

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 14-May 09:41pm

Q: What do we do with this? (sorry if addressed already) 


Please don't roast me on this, but are they other options for automation other than using IFTTT for these rings? 









A: Integromat


It's slightly more technical. However, Integromat uses a visual type builder in which you can see where each node triggers. The other thing I like about Integromat is that if there's any kind of failure within your automation, you will see it. It gives you! Warning


Regarding connections, there are more options and at this time, you can even integrate Google properties IFTTT dropped, such as sheets and docs.


Up until now, IFTTT was a preference because it was free. Now that they're going "pro" It may make sense to look at all options on the table.


IFTTT is still great and what a lot of people look for (nudge nudge -- SEO and brandjacking).


It's important to understand concepts. concepts can be adapted to a multitude of situations, rather than being locked into the confines of a single platform.



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