MCS Shared Strategies

Published on: 15-May 12:06am

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 15-May 12:06am

Yes please, can we all share strategies? -Nick Earl


Here's my basic idea:


Create all RFR properties and then put them in a few folders/sheets using BLF, then hit those links with MCS. Also build links direct to each RFR link with MCS, both HTML and PDF is good from what I understand as HTML does a lot more, but Evan said PDFs are good if you need more link power. Then just keep building out, like you can then put those MCS links into a BFL sheet, then build MCS links to that sheet, etc, etc, etc

(Image Above from AJ)


I'm trying various tests at the moment. -Simon Longster


2 examples: For a GMB: 10 stacks (each 10 deep) to a GMB CID. For Organic - 1 stack (10 deep) to a money url and then a 10 stack to each of those urls, These are all html stacks which include various embeds.

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