Money Site and Trigger Connections

Published on: 14-May 09:49pm

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 14-May 09:49pm

Q: I'm watching all the training videos now but I'm confused about one thing. 


Does the Blogger in my branded ring automatically link to my Money site or do I need to include a hyperlink or URL of my money site in the blog post to pass the link juice to my site?


I ask because there is a lot of talk in the training about how a 5 ring network produces 90 links, so if I put my money site URL in my blog post will I pass on too much juice to my money site.


I looked at my blogger and it has the link but it is not a clickable link it is just text so I am not sure if that counts as a link back to my money site to pass the SEO juice or if I need to include it in all the posts.

A: No. You would use a buffer link. The buffer links to your money site. 



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