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Published on: 14-May 02:38am

Q: Guys, what do you use for Traffic Factory Pages analytics?








A: It depends exactly what you want to do.


Personally, my aim with TF is to get long tail keywords ranked and then redirected to my affiliate offer on page load.


For this set up I'm using Clickmagick as the tracking link I will put into TF.


This will allow you to see exactly what pages are getting ranked and hence redirected. It will show you what pages sales come from and also more granular stats such as countries and much more.


The key data is knowing where the clicks are coming from. I normally notice that only a few of the keywords will get the majority of clicks. I will then build out separate TF campaigns using the main keyword that was getting clicked as the homepage and I will find more related keywords to that highly clicked KW and build out a new site with that data.


If I notice one country is getting clicks more than others. Then I will use that data to build out another TF campaign where all the keyword modifiers target that one country.


I run a lot of paid traffic and when money is on the line, tracking data is absolutely essential.


With SEO looking at what the data reveals will help guide you in what to do.


Always follow that data.


Invest in a tracker for any SEO campaigns and it will open up a world of possibilities.


TF is also great to use for testing purposes. It can quickly be used to validate a large list of keywords to see their potential for sales or whatever your main objective is. 


As I mentioned above, when you find those keywords that are getting clicks and sales, then you can use those in a whole range of new campaigns. Like new TF campaigns. But you can then take those same keywords and build out G Sites. Use them for a post on (ranks well). For a YT video. A post on your own blog. And when @Alan Smith reveals his PDF strategy for authority pdf sites, you could build these out with the keywords you find.


There are many possibilities. 


So TF is awesome to use to throw out thousands of lures into the water and see what bites back.

And one more thing that saves a lot of time setting up and running campaigns.


When I first started using TF I saw Bryant's strategy of using Content Factory content (using the massive sentence file that the software scraped) and thought that the serps would view that as pure duplicate content and would never work.


So I would spend ages spinning the content (using spin rewriter) and making sure it read well. Then I would let those campaigns go live. 


But I started running similar campaigns using only Content Factory and the scraped sentence file. Which took minutes to run and plug into TF.


The result: There was absolutely no difference. They both ranked exactly the same.


So now, I only use CF for these campaigns.


Now one thing that's important, if you are not using a redirect on page load and people are actually going to read the content of your page, well then you probably won't want to use this strategy as the quality isn't the best and there will be very high bounce rates.


You cannot expect an article that is automatically pulling sentences from thousands of articles at random to read well, 


But it sure will rank well!


So again, I would only advise this to be done if you are using the redirect.

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