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Published on: 14-May 02:43am

Q: Also @Patrick Tuttle, discussed about PDF sharing service once... is it ready?


We have established we have a MS word with full images we convert to pdf and maintains the meta and we have pdf sharing sites. 


Now, what is a good strategy starting from the beginning with an image? So lets say I have images on s3, I place on ms word then convert to pdf, run thru mega stacker and the images are pointing back to? and the pdf is pointing forward to a paste bin which in turn points back to?








A: When you do these types of linking you must have an end goal in mind. 


What is it you want to accomplish? That will determine what is required, and what type of assets will be required to accomplish that task. 


Do you want to rank an image, do you need your YouTube video to rank higher, once that is clear things become much easier. 


You start at the end result and work backward.


I’ll give you a real-life example. Actually it’s the one I’m going to do a drawing on in the next day or so, sorry I’ve been working.


My goals are determined as the following:


  1. Rank my google rank and rent sites. 
  2. Rank my PDFs to supplement those google sites, remember I’m trying to take as many of the top positions as possible. 
  3. Use a method that uses the referred DA of my powering assets to ALSO power my Cloudflare workers sites linkwheel.
  4. Do the above in a way that is safe and compliments my existing network. 


Once I’ve designed a system, I then build that system in LEGO. My daughter's partner has kindly made my many custom LEGO pieces on his 3D printers. 


This helps my visualize the energy flow and brings to light very quickly any stupid errors on my part.


It’s then a simple matter of producing a flow sheet to determine which assets are required in which order. 


Once that’s done I’ve got most of my information to produce a templated workflow, subject to operational requirements, like logging into accounts, etc.


Easy as that. Start with your end in mind. 

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