Sitemap On Dummy Builds

Published on: 14-May 12:09am

Q: Is there a way to get sitemaps when doing a dummy build?


I understand the issue of not knowing the end URLs without the upload to the cloud, but if you want to put in folders vs the root of the bucket is that is not possible?


Maybe the best is to upload to the root and then to a folder and adjust the sitemaps is the best solution. Any thoughts?



A: So I thought I would try a solution and have the TF build to FTP to a domain that I was not using to get the sitemaps and adjust them and reload to AWS with the correct format in a cloud bucket folder. 

Well so nobody else tries seems you only get the sitemaps built with TF if you upload to AWS or Azure, not with Dummy or FTP uploads.

And with AWS not really being a file folder system. The only solution would be to upload to the root.  Download to Local... make your adjustments to the sitemaps with an editor and re-upload to the folder in the AWS bucket that you want.

Then delete from the root and start over for the next build. It seems that we need an option to create sitemaps toggle/advanced option so we can do dummy loads or FTP and it will create them with putting in one field that would be the true endpoint in a folder or whatever. 

Is that an option to add to the software???? Or have it be able to put the bucket/folder option as we have in mega without the error message saying the "/" is not allowed.

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