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Published on: 14-May 02:40am

Q: I stuffed 350+/- images with metadata and a spun article for a local niche. I also added the NAP, URL, and logo to the image.


Uploaded them to GPhotos, GDrive, and Flickr over the last 7 days.


Definitely have movement and still some bouncing around just off the images.


A few kw that where not in the top 10 pages are now in the top 5 pages, One kw finally broke out page 2 spot 14 to page 1 spot 10.








A: If your intention is to show off your images then a large PDF ( with compressed images : important ), will work, however I don’t take you as a photographer, so if you are not concerned about the display I would reduce the images definitely. 


With images you must always consider the size of the image, we call it the weight. 


What I normally do with important images is record the original image size, that’s with the original metadata the image came with. 


Then I strip all the traceable metadata and compress the image. 


Now I subtract the two leaving me with a kB or mb rating that I know I can use, and NOT cause attraction to the software that is in use to monitor images. 


Obviously you and I work in very different fields but it’s good practice to maintain the original images weight. 


That last statement applies to my work, with our line of work the smaller the image the better, whilst maintaining the look of the image 



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