Testimonials From Alex Siddy

Published on: 15-May 11:03am

Hey Pat here are the results from my latest TF Campaign. This is for an affiliate product. Payout is $60. I started this campaign around the 24th of June. 


It's made in profit $1395 since then. 


I built 5 traffic factory campaigns for this. 


The reason why I built 5 was because each campaign will only really rank for a few days and then it will drop off the rankings. 


Then I would take all the same content (I'm using the random line generated from Content Factory), images, keywords, etc. And upload it again. 


Then this would rank for a few days and then drop. Then I would build another site (takes no time at all) and then repeat this process.


I'm using Azure as Amazon just doesn't get much traction for me these days. And the one amazon campaign I built for this barely got any clicks and no sales.


Also Azure is easy to get indexed using Index Inject which is dirt cheap. 


I've been using Terry's Indexer too on other TF campaigns but I've also been running those through Index Inject too so I should really test Terry's on it's own too.


So my issue now and has been for months is getting Azure sites to stick in the serps.  Otherwise I will have to keep up my strategy of watching when the clicks drop off and create another TF campaign to replace it.


Love to hear how you guys are getting your sites to stick as this is the only real issue I'm dealing with now. 


And if anyone has any questions let me know :)

This is showing clicks and sales

This is showing overall revenue.

These are nice little easy to put together campaigns. I've done countless ones just like this. And they are nice little earners.