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Published on: 14-May 12:35am

Guys, may I ask your opinion on using TF for getting more traffic/subscribers to my book website? We provide a free daily email newsletter to our book-loving subscribers. All book KWs are highly competitive, so we target "genre" KWs (romance book, horror novel, etc). But those are also competitive and very broad. SEO for a site like this is a massive job if done well, and books don"t provide the budget to do such a thing.


That"s the back story, in brief.


SO, my idea is to use TF in the following way:


EG, for the "romance book" genre. Get approx. 10K romance novels/books etc KWs. Create a 500-1000 word spun article. Add related YT videos. FILL THE WARTS site with these (use Wart project as a template) and upload the site to Amazon AWS -- with redirects enabled so ANY human clicks will redirect immediately to my site"s opt-in page.


And do this for EVERY one of the 30+ categories of book genre on my site, plus approx. 90+ subgenres. Then for another, maybe, 10+ general "book" KWs niches.




#1 Is this the strategy you would take? Or how would you do it differently?


#2 Which redirect would be best for this? I figured I"d use something like PrettyLinks or Clickmagic or etc to maybe test landing pages for redirects to my site (EG home page vs specialized opt-in page vs custom sales page for this traffic only),


#3 My first run of collecting/scraping KWs for romance books resulted in approx. 13K KWs. Would this be "too many" for one site doing this kind of thing? Should I separate them into EG 3 sites? (When I say site I mean TF projects and, therefore, AWS buckets).


#4 How do you "promote" one of these TF sites/projects? How do I encourage SE"s to index the pages?

Thanks, guys -- sorry for the long message!








#1. Yes, good strategy,

#2. I use TF"s own redirect on all my projects (You could still try different landers in each category of the book) and

#3. 13k is not too many (Some would argue that a larger site has more authority so ranks better) 

#4. Send the sitemaps for indexing rather than every page

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