Traffic Factory V.20 Training

Published on: 15-May 07:54am

Welcome to the Traffic Factory V.20 Training Area


Support Help Desk & Knowledge Panel Coming Soon


Click here for the TIP JAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Helps to keep Developer Happy :)


Please watch this video FIRST before you attempt to use the program

  1. Traffic Factory Getting Started:


  1. Brief Introduction to TF 2.0:


  1. 45-minute walkthrough:


  1. Traffic Factory Short Codes:  


Traffic Factory Webinar:


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More training videos below and new ones coming fast :-)


Download the Traffic Factory Software Here.


Download the Content Factory Software Here if you have the Bundle


Done for you campaign  --- Download: 


Geo files --- Download 


Html Templates --- Download 


Get Keyword Translation Factory (Free!) here


Get your Blazing fast Dedicated VPS Here and get FREE rotating proxies


Click here for the TIP JAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Helps to keep Developer Happy :)

Additional Training and Resources


Here is the Traffic Factory YouTube Playlist Subscribe to be Notified whenever a new video is added to the channel


  1. How to add Maps to Traffic Factory builds


Download the Maps code Here


  1. Short Codes and Commands How To


  1. TF PBN’s and how to control them


  1. Aubrey made a quick video on how to use free tools to make easy free TF templates. Thank you Aubery! Watch it Here

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