Warming Up Blog Network

Published on: 15-May 05:12am

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 15-May 05:12am

Another way to warm up the Rings blog network is to start with the branded ring, Ring #1.


Day One make a video, 

Day Two embed video to Blogger post in ring #1. 

Day Three make a video on ring #1, 

Day Four make a Blogger post with video embed. 

Day Five make a video on ring #1, 

Day Six do a Blogger post with an embed. 


Repeat for the next one to two weeks with no links. 

Then start making individual posts to the other rings as you continue making pos 3 times a week to ring #1 with 1 outbound link in the ring #1 posts. 

Never use a direct affiliate link as an outbound link.

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