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Published on: 13-May 11:17pm

Q: How does “The image duplicator for WP" will do what you want?


Isn't Image Duplicator for WP for optimizing images on WordPress site…


How would you create sequential image input for TF builds that will go live at S3 with that?

And How would the URL lines in img-urls1.txt look like to reference the images in the local image(s) folder(s)? Is it /imagefolder/imagename.jpg?







A: For sequential images, you can put the image URL or name in txt file per image to match category and keywords, this will give you a basic idea here.


Then write the image code in your html <img src="{img-urls1.txt}" alt="{keywords.txt} {state}" etc,,, and make more img-urls.txt files the more images you want to add, 


if images in different folders add the folders in the input folder so upload as makes the site.

Also, run a dummy run or two or you could move the image folder after building into category folder or try name folder same as a category.

It might add images straight in the category also add a random string after image if using the same batch, gotta try anything on everything something like .jpg?q=a-load-of-mix-spintextetcetcetc...

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